Latest News

Mini-Mimosa Cheque Handover

Thank you once again to all of the #bigheartedkids who took part in the Mini-Mimosa Fun Run this year. The money raised from this year’s Mini Mimosa Run will go towards buying some specialised robots that will be able to act as the eyes and ears of the hospitalised children in the outside world.

PY6 -Primary School Graduation

Congratulations to the PY6 class of 2019 who have graduated primary school. We wish you all of best for your middle school years. 

Mini-Mimosa Kids Fun Run 2019

Over 300 big hearted kids participated this year, running to raise funds for children living with Cancer. 

Swallows and Amazons

This year’s theatre club production was, once again, a great success keeping the audience in stitches!

Qualified Apple Teachers!

We are very excited to share with you the announcement that all of our teachers have successfully completed their Apple Teacher Training and are now fully qualified.

Apple Education Leadership Summit

We were one of the various schools who participated in the Apple Education Leadership Summit with the aim of drawing on the experience of others to improve our own digital learning projects.

Humanitarian trip to Ghana

Our IB Diploma programme students are in Ghana helping the orphaned children of Bobikuma. The students will be tutoring the children and taking part in general activities at the orphanage.

Project Based Learning opportunities

What does negotiating for a preparedness plan before a volcanic eruption, organising an assembly to engage an audience, and experiencing New Year’s Eve in Latin America have in common? Click below to find out.

Santa has a broken sled!

With Christmas fast approaching, ebica international school wanted to provide the primary students with a special activity. For this reason, we hired a local company ‘eklabul’ which is well known in the region for circus themed seasonal shows.

The PY4’s in the Science Lab

PY 4 students conducting an experiment to create a model of a planet.  Our young scientists also produced and observed a chemical reaction take place on their newly created planet when vinegar was added to the baking soda.

International Day

Every year the ebica community gets together to celebrate International Day. This years’ event was even more amazing than the last! Thank you to everyone and especially the parents from P.E.N.

NACE Art Competition

These are the ebica student’s submissions for the annual Nace Schools Art Competition. Well done to the students of year 7, 8, and 9 for their hard work and participation! The theme this year was “SPACE”. 

Mini-Mimosa Charity Run Cheque Handover

Our students proudly handed over a cheque of over 10 000€ to La ligue Contre le Cancer who will use the money raised by the students to help children living with Cancer. Well done to the students!

IB Student Graduation 2018

Exams are done and the time has come to say farewell to this years IBDP2 students. They have excelled in all aspects this year and as we send them on their respective futures we wish them all of the best.

Mini-Mimosa Charity Run Video

Thank you to Mike Fiddler at RoadDog Riviera for putting together this amazing video.

Humanitarian Trip to India

Well done to all of the students for their excellent work.

Ebica Soccer Tournament 2018

Ebica hosted Mougins School for a cracking football tournament! Well done to all the player for their sportsmanship and thank you to Colin Macnab for organising the event.

We are very proud to announce that ebica International School Academy and Campus is now authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) for both the Preschool and Primary School. This means that we have met all the requirements, standards and practices required by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

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