100% pass rate for our IB students! Congratulations to the student’s for their hard work and thank you to their teachers for their commitment.

Welcome to ebica International School

Pascal Ashkar

Pascal Ashkar

General Director

Welcome to the website of Ebica International School, where 300+ students learn and develop in a challenging and nurturing multicultural environment. Ebica International School is comprised of two buildings and has over 30 nationalities and 20 mother-tongue languages represented in the school community. Founded in 2006, Ebica International School has already proven itself as one of the leading international schools in France.

As a 21st century school, we understand what best produces proficiency in the skills and attributes that are critical to success. These include, in Literacy, reading, writing, and speaking with confidence and persuasiveness; in Numeracy, mathematics and logical thinking; in Empiricism, scientific inquiry; and in Technology, using tools that enhance learning.

Through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection, Ebica teachers enable and support students throughout their journey as they develop the approaches to learning they need for both academic and personal success. They support and cater to the needs of the students through fully differentiated lessons, stimulating learning environments and a variety of teaching strategies.

I am looking forward to welcoming you and your family to ebica International School.

Pascal Ashkar

General Director

What is 21st Century Education ?

Positive, Inspiring, Creative, Energising, Enlightening are the words that form the cornerstones of Ebica International School’s mission and philosophy.

We believe these principles:

  • Define our commitment to education as well as the aspirations we have for our students. They depend upon and are indispensable to each other.
  • Prepare the development of the whole child so students are able to impact the future positively with the skills necessary to be successful as leaders, risk takers and innovators.
  • Provide the structure for courageous leadership in order to challenge what others would have us take for granted and to serve, reach out to and care for those less fortunate.
  • Force us to challenge cherished assumptions or accepted patterns of thought, not doing things “the usual way” unless we have engaged in disciplined learning and understanding first.
  • Are fundamental to education in times which are turbulent and challenging, but which also afford significant opportunities for creating enduring change.

What makes ebica International School, France unique?

Ebica International School is a bilingual school

International school in France

Ebica is an IB World School authorised to offer students the IB Diploma Programme.

International schools in France
International schools in france

Ebica International School goes out of its way to provide international opportunities for its students.

International Schools in France

Ebica International School has an active Parents’ Association (PEN), which contributes outstandingly to the warm and welcoming family environment characteristic of our school.

Click here for a video tour of the school !

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The ebica story

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