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The Bilingual Opportunity

There are many advantages to being bilingual. Other than actually been able to communicate in another language bilingualism also fosters open mindedness as well as an acceptance of different perspectives and cultures.

The ebica approach

There are many theories concerning bilingual education and many methods to present a bilingual programme, here at ebica we emphasise the following :

• “We teach in English and French, we do not teach English and French “.

• “We teach most subjects in English and in French”.

• “Children learn in a natural, full immersion classroom” In other words, we do not teach grammar in English as a separate subject. All language is connected, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

• “We alternate the weekly schedule so that each student may start one week in French and the next week in English morning and afternoon”. This way morning lessons, often the most productive time of the day, alternate weekly from one language to another.

• “Two languages, one programme of instruction “. Ebica does not run two separate programmes.

The programme in French and the programme in English become one programme for the student.

We complement aspects of each programme in each language to have one full course of learning in two languages.

• “Acquisition of all knowledge and skills in spelling and grammar is highly valued at ebica.”


3 Advantages of bilingualism

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