Apple Distinguished School



We are pleased to announce that in 2019, we were recognised by Apple as an Apple Distinguished School (ADS) for educational excellence and continuous innovation in learning and teaching.

Apple technology was integrated into Ebica classrooms in 2016. The vision behind this was for the students to be able to acquire critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills, essential for their future.


In order to obtain this recognition we went through a set of process that shows:

  • Established one-to-one program:

A one-to-one iPad program for students and faculty has been in place for more than two academic years. The students in the school use Apple devices as their primary learning device, and all teachers use Apple devices as their primary teaching device.

  • Innovative use of the Apple platform:

Faculty deeply integrates Apple products to inspire student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

  • Faculty proficiency with iPad or Mac:

Teachers are highly proficient in the use of Apple products. They must be recognized as Apple Teachers


This recognition represents the EBICA community working, learning, planning, trying new things and solving problems together. Through innovative practices and experiences, learning experiences are active, personal, collaborative, and relevant—designed to empower learners to be creators who believe their work matters.

(Click here to see the iBook we submitted to Apple to apply for ADS recognition.)



EBICA Digital Learning Coordinator