Presentation of the Early Years Progamme


We provide an environment that is caring and a place where our students can feel a strong sense of belonging.  Our curriculum is child-centered and stimulating giving opportunities for students to grow and develop and meet their full potential.

The Early Years nurtures the child physically, socially and intellectually by providing high-quality group interactions and an intriguing and interesting environment in which to explore.  We lay strong foundations and cultivate an atmosphere where children learn through, personal experiences, creativity and play.  We endeavour to meet the needs of each child and capture their imagination through our exciting bilingual PYP program.         

Our students are supported and encouraged to become confident and independent, igniting a love of learning that they will build on with each year’s experiences until, with their apprenticeship complete, they will be ready for their move to the primary school.

Our openness and availability to keep parents informed about daily school happenings helps to give parents that all important confidence and peace of mind to entrust us with the care and education of their children.