Requested Documents


Please find below the list of documents required in order to submit an application to the Ebica International School.


If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact the person in charge of admissions.



Main Documents (to provide when submitting the application)

  • Admission form filled out and signed
  • 1 ID-type photo
  • Student’s school reports from the 2 previous years
  • Recommendation letter and behaviour report
  • Parents’ ID papers or passports
  • Student’s birth certificate or passport
  • Custody certificate for divorced/separated parents and court affidavit


Other Documents (to provide at the latest before classes start)

  • Bank details (IBAN and SWIFT)
  • Leaving certificate from the previous school
  • School insurance, Civil responsibility insurance certificate*
  • Medical insurance certificate
  • Vaccinations certificates
  • Proof of residence
  • Medical certificate stating the student can participate in sports activities or certificate of exemption for sports (if necessary)


* School Insurance/Civil Responsibility Insurance Certificate – The students are not covered for accidents or injuries at school, EBICA cannot be held responsible. It is therefore in the interest of all parents to have an insurance policy, which would cover the family for any damages caused by or caused to his or her child while at school. This certificate must be included in the application file.


Download the list of document required