Protocol for reopening

Back to school protocol for the return of our students!


When the end of the confinement has been confirmed, our entire community started to prepare the return of its students, instoring several procedures to allow our primary school students to return to school as of May 14th.

Hygiene protocols, already in place before the closure, have been reinforced with the aim of combining the basic rules of hygiene, adapted to ensure education for all, teachers and students, in the best possible conditions.

Ebica International School is fully involved in the respect of sanitary protocols and the application of hygiene rules.



Several communications were sent to parents, students and staff of our establishment in order to share the main recommendations issued by the government and their application within the school.

At the same time, and in order to ensure pedagogical continuity for all the students, whatever the choice of the families, the school has taken the decision to continue the Zoom classes for all the classes.